E Pluribus Unum… Out of Many, We are One

armen-hovannisianDear Members and Friends:

The Armenian Bar Association has hit its stride as we continue apace into our 25th year of service to the legal profession and to the Armenian communities around the world. How far we go and how wide we spread will depend on how much we all want to succeed. As descendants of the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide, we have already been blessed and born as winners. It’s now time to return the favor of our good fortune to the posterity and future of our shared heritage through the ideas and actions of our organization.



Justice for the Armenian Genocide

The epitaph on my grandfather’s gravestone at the Ararat Cemetery in Fresno includes the following admonition of a famous Armenian statesman and writer.



The Armenian Bar Association Calls On Washington

The Armenian Genocide resulted in the loss of life and land and also in the misappropriation of personal property, including works of art belonging to the victims and survivors of the Genocide.



Together Always Rising And Forward

It has been my distinct honor to be selected by the Board of Governors to serve as the chairman of the Armenian Bar Association these past twelve months.